The combination are infinite!

What scents are available?  Do you have a list?

Any and every scent you could imagine can be used to in the creation of your products.  We tried once to make a complete list from our suppliers and found that within 1 month, the scents on that list were changing at a rapid pace and we could not keep up.  It is much easier to for our clients to paint us a picture of what they want, and from there we can provide them with multiple options.

Lime and Grapefruit are some of our favorite scents

New Directions Aromatics

We purchase most of our Essential Oils and Natural Identical from New Directions Aromatics.  They are a trusted leader, supplier to many large manufactures and have some of the best pricing.


Lebermuth has quality products, good prices on bulk essential oil and fragrance oils with high minimums.  These savings are passed onto our clients.

Bramble Berry

Bramble Berry has amazing fragrance oils and has been a mainstay in the soaping and bath product world for years.
Anne Marie is the going to person if you want to learn about a particular item and has changed the course of soap making as we know it.

What is a scent?

Lets break scent down into four different categories; fragrance oils, natural identical, essential oils and organic essential oils.

Fragrance Oil

Anything you can possibly imagine from fruity, manly, designer perfumes & colognes, spices, floral and the list goes on.
The pros– these oils will not break the bank and there are 1000’s to choose from.
The cons– we have no clue what is in them as this is considered a trade secret.  The ingredients have been deemed “Safe” by the FDA.

Natural Identical

Single molecules, of different fragrant notes, known as “Aroma Chemicals”.  These can be natural, synthetic or parts of natural matter.
The pros– can be cheaper than the original essential oil
The cons– possibly not as pure and natural as the original.

Essential Oil

The best nature has to offer.
The pros– these oils are taken from the plants.
The cons– essential oils can be expensive and will vary from year-to-year due to the whether.

Organic Essential Oils

Really expensive versions of “Natural” essential oils.

Lavender essential oil is an amazing scent

Cost Comparison of Lavender Scents

Lets compare Lavender in Fragrance oil, Natural Identical, Essential oil and Organic Essential oil.

English Lavender
Fragrant Oil

16.6 oz = $30.16
Cost per oz = $1.88

Lavender 40/42 Natural Identical

16.6 oz = $21.73
Cost per oz = $1.31

French, Lavender Essential Oil

16.6 oz = $49.58
Cost per oz = $2.99

Organic Lavender Essential Oil

16.6 oz = $128.84
Cost per oz = $7.76

Lavender Comparison Chart

English Lavender Fragrant Oil $30.16
Lavender 40/42 Natural Identical $21.76
French Lavender Essential Oil $38.48
Organic Lanvender Essential Oil $128.80

You can see a wide difference between the 4 scents and the reason WHY this is important to you, as our client, is…are you willing AND are your customers willing to pay for the difference?  This is one of the main reasons why we do not have a list price for our products.

These prices are from March 14, 2017 and might vary.

Which essential oils would you use to make up these scents?

I want my OWN scent!  Can you do that?

Yes, yes we can and there are 3 ways of going about this.

Custom Soap Colorado Can Create Scent Blends

We have almost 80 essential oils in our blending collection along with a program that allows us to use keywords to start a scent formulation.
After reviewing the suggestion, we will add or subtract oils and start blending.
Once we have a completed blend, we might make some more adjustments.
Then we can send the client samples and figure out the final costs for products.

Mind Mapping

  1. Summarize the idea
  2. Breaking down your desired scent into smaller parts
  3. Developing those parts
  4. And then blending the parts in different amounts.

Scent developed by one of the worlds best scent house

Perfumer’s World is one of the premier scent house and suppliers of scent compounds.  Their master blenders can create the scent you are looking for.  Please keep in mind that you will be paying a premium for these scents

Check out Interesting Scent Combinations Board On Pinterest

DISCLAIMER These scents are courtesy of the pinterest API and we make no claims of ownership or effectiveness.  They looked interesting at the time of pinning and have been placed in the public domain by their respective owners.

F. A. Q.s

Can I buy a scent formulation including the percentages?

No.  We can create a scent just for you however we will not sell a formulation outright.  This is the industry standard and neither will any other scent house.

How does the cost of a scent affect the Cost Per Bar?

We figure that the essential oil or fragrance oil that you choose is going to cost $2 an ounce.  For every dollar increase in the essential oil or fragrance oil.  The Cost Per Bar goes up an average of $0.11.  The Organic Lavender mentioned above would cost you at least $0.85 more per bar on average.

How much does it cost to have a custom scent blended?

$25 is the minimum and this will include shipping to you.   The total cost will depend on the ingredients used.  Please visit the Test Batch page for more information.

Can I get scent samples of essential oils or fragrance oils?

Yes, please visit our Test Samples Batches page for more information.

Can you make a perfume or cologne?

Yes, Please send an email to with the details.


Scent March 26, 2016