Private Label Melt and Pour Soap Manufacturer

Melt and Pour Soap is a great platform for a lot of different products as small amounts of additives can be added easily. For instance, we’ve added Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel to make high-end luxury soaps. Melt and Pour Soap base can also be made from blending surfactants and dessolving soap noodles in our 250-gallon steam kettle.

Private Label Melt and Pour Info

Melt and Pour Pre-Made Base

  • SFIC is the main player in this space.
  • They offer something like 16 different bases,.
  • This is the only way to get Milk into a soap product
  • Visit their website by clicking Here
  • MOQ is at least 1 full kettle or roughly 1,000 lbs

Blending Surfactants and Soap Noodles to make your Melt and Pour Soap Base

  • We can use your Melt and Pour Soap formulation
  • Time-line wise, this could take longer to acquire all the materials like Soap Noodles and other surfactants..
  • Might take more time to run samples to make sure we understand the process.
  • MOQ is at least 1 full kettle or roughly 1,000 lbs

Additives for your melt and Pour Soap

  • Colorants – Any and all
  • Additives – From Salicylic Acid to Witch Hazel. As long as you have used it before and vouch for its safety and effectiveness.
  • Fragrances – Either you provide them or we can sources them.

Silicone Molds

  • While popular, silicone molds are tough to deal with because they are expensive to purchase in mass. We are going to need thousands of cavities to run a continuous production.
  • Silicone molds take a tremendous amount of room to store.
  • Cleaning silicone molds require a lot of hot water, labor and drying rack space.
  • The product still needs a final packaging solution.

Clam shell Containers

  • These are preferred over silicone molds because they are easier to deal with from start-to-finish.
  • These clam shells usually come 2,000 per box and store easily.
  • The product is in their final packaging and a label can be blown onto the top of the closed clam shell.