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Handcrafted Soap Wedding Favors

Handcrafted Soap Wedding Favors

Ahhh…it’s your wedding day and you want to give your guests handcrafted soap wedding favors, perhaps along with several other items in a gift basket. We can help you with that!

What We Can Do For You

Soap Wedding Favors made by Custom Soap ColoradoOver the years of making handcrafted soap wedding favors, Custom Soap Colorado has heard lots of requests. Probably 80% of the requests have been for custom soap, without a wrapper “Naked”, usually without a stamp. The reason this is so popular is because the Wedding Planner, Bride’s Maids or Bribe and Groom have a common theme they are working with and just need raw, custom soap. This is great for us and the most cost effective solution.

For those who want their soap stamped with the names of the bride and groom and date, or a custom logo, we can do this. If you are looking for wrapping and custom labeling, we can do this as well.

Please call us at 484-4MY-SOAP or Email. Every order is special and custom and we look forward to being apart of your special day.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Custom Soap Colorado only produces 15 unique orders a week. The sooner you speak with us and order your Handcrafted Soap Wedding Favors the better. Your order could ship in as little as 3 weeks or if you want the most exotic oils and scents the lead time might be as long as 6 weeks.

Wedding Planners are more than welcome to call and we look forward to working with you.

What We Can Not Do For You, Shapes

The wedding soap favors we can not do are soaps of specific shapes; a rose, other flowers, fruits, etc. The reason being that we make all of our products with Cold Process Soap and this type of soap sets up within a matter of minutes and is a real art to perfect. Melt and Pour Soap is a much better fit for these type of soaps. The down side is the amount of time it takes to make a large batch because the molds will only have 4 to 6 cavities and you have to wait for the soap to cool down before you pop the soaps out and start the next batch. Not a bad idea if you a have night, a bottle of wine and some friends to hang out with. One of our good suppliers, Bramble Berry has a Wedding Soap Favors kit along with instructions to assist you.

Handcrafted Soap Wedding Favors February 7, 2016

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