Guest Soap and Amenity Soap

Custom Soap can be SO MANY different things here at Custom Soap Colorado because of the many processes we employ.  Have an idea?  Lets talk about it.

Guest Bar Details

Guest Soap Bars are custom made to your liking.  We love to talk about your soap! Give us a call 484-4MY-SOAP or Contact us via Email

Weight: Between .75 ounce and 2.5 ounces. This depends on your specification and the fact the bars are cut by hand.

Shape: 4 shapes to choose from, 3-sides smooth + 1-side ridged, Rectangle, Square and Circle. Have another shape in mind, lets talk about it!

Colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Pink Black, Natural and Yellow. Custom Colors can be mixed

Stamp: To make a stamp for your bars all we need is a high resolution image of your logo. Stamps are not mandatory. We are more than happy to make your guest soap without the stamp.

Labels: Most of our clients prefer a “Naked” bar for several reasons. Bed and Breakfasts make you feel like you are at home and the naked bar reminds people of home. And the label just gets thrown away because you have Custom Soap that your guests can’t wait to try!

Cost and Minimums: The minimum order starts at 5000 bars with the cost-per-bar starting at $1

Stamping is an additional $.25 each and the stamps itself is a one time cost of $35. If you want labels, they will cost an additional amount depending of what label you want.

We love to talk about your soap! Give us a call 484-4MY-SOAP or Contact us via Email:

Guest Soap F.A.Q.s

Q. How do I re-order?

A. Simple, email us and we will make the same as a the last order OR if you need to make an changes let us know.

Q. How will I know when to re-order?

A. We will place a re-order reminder about half way down in the package.

Q. How long before my order ships?

A. In as little as 4 weeks