Being a custom private label manufacturer, the product we have on-hand are not going to be the exact product you are looking for  due to the fragrances and possibly different materials used.  We do offer per-production samples which will use your fragrance, your formulation, or one of our formulations.  There is a small nominal cost and this just covers the cost of extra materials required to make the samples.

There are several parts to this questions.

  1. The product itself should be able to last for a year+.  We will place the product into liners and seal them with silica packets inside.  This will help keep them as moisture free as possible. Moisture is not friend to any personal care product.
  2. Scent – Scent is probably the trickiest part of cosmetics and this depends on the essential oils and fragrance oils used.  Regardless, the scent will fade over time.  The scent should get lighter as the bars are used.
  3. Where are the products being stored? Products need to be stored in a cool location and out of direct sunlight.  Exposure to extremes, both hot and cold, can have an adverse affect on every product.

Depending on how busy we are and when we have all materials required, your order will be started between 1-6 weeks. Once manufacturing is completed, your order will be ready to ship. There is no cure time. We recommend that orders be shipped on Monday or Tuesday to best ensure they are delivered before the weekend to reduce any chance of the pallets sitting in trailers over the weekends. Trailer can get very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter.

We can make products out of what ever you would like. Organic Oils might add an additional $.50 to the cost of a bar and the essential oil could be a lot more depending on what you are looking for.  COVID really had an affect on the availability of all raw materials, not just organic oils and the requests for organics have been almost none since then.

Unfortunately not.  Our mixers and production equipment require a certain amount of material to operate properly not to mention the amount of time and energy it takes to start up the equipment itself.

Yes, as long as you meet the MOQ

Most of our clients do not want it known who is producing their products for them.  We respect the privacy of our clients and thus, few pictures to share.

We would prefer not to because something like raw goats milk can be hard to find (In bulk) and then we would need a refrigerator to keep it. If we were asked to go out, find a supplier for the milk and keep it, this would end up costing the client a lot of money and we don’t see anyone paying for that.

No, we recommend you take a look at Vermont Soap or Bulk Apothecary. They can sell you a liquid soap base where you can add in colors and fragrance.

Yes, we do. We are the only soap company, that we know of, that will make products the way you want it and not just what we have in stock. Give us call or send us an EMAIL so we can hear about your products.
Yes, however, there is a cost and it all depends on the product, size, demensions, and overall complexity.
Give us a call at 484-469-7627, or send us an email, and lets talk.

No, we do not carry any unsold material on-hand.  We prefer, and insist, that every order have its raw materials purchased before hand to ensure price stability and availability.  Post-COVID world has brought constant supply chain issues and EVERY VENDOR has seen these availability issues.   We will require a deposit to purchase these raw materials at least for the first few orders and then based on the clients ability to pay on time.  We might allow for the deposit to be waived.