Do you offer free samples?

No, we a custom manufacturer and the only samples that matter are those of the exact products the client is looking for.

How long will soap last?

There are several parts to this questions.

  1. The soap itself should be able to lather up for some time.  However, there might be changes in color due to oils and ingredients used and conditions that the soap was stored in.  The life of soap life is not indefinable and the soap is best if used within the first 6-9 months.
  2. Scent – Scent is probably the trickiest part of soap and this depends on the essential oils and fragrance oils used.  Regardless, the scent will fade over time.  The scent should get starter as the bars are used

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Depending on how busy we are your order will be started between 0-21 days, depending on where we are sourcing our essential oils.  Cold Process, the type of soap we make, will take 4-6 weeks to cure. We will send your order after about 3 weeks from from the date it was made.

What about Organic Ingredients?

We can make soap out of what ever you would like. Organic Oils might add an additional $.50 to the cost of a bar and the essential oil could be a lot more depending on what you are looking for.

Can we order less than the Wholesale Quantities listed?

Yes, you can.  We consider this a retail purchase and prices will be in the $6 – $10 range depending if you are looking for packaging and labeling.

Do you do Wholesale?

Yes, we do.

  • For Soap, wholesale quantities start at 2500 bars per scent.
  • For Bath Salts, wholesale quantities start at 2500 pieces.

Where are all the pictures?

Most of our clients do not want it known who is producing their products for them.  We respect the privacy of our clients and thus, few pictures to share.

Can you Make Melt and Pour Soap or other Melt & Pour products?

Yes, we do make Melt & Pour products on the Solid Conditioner Manufacturing Line .  The biggest issue is the molds.  The Melt & Pour kettle minimum is 895 lbs. which works out to be 7,000+ 2-oz bars.  The product has to be poured into a cup, container or clam shell.  We DO NOT use silicone molds as 7,000 cavities is too much to deal with on all levels.

Do you make Milk Soaps?

We would prefer not to because something like raw goats milk can be hard to find (In bulk) and then we would need a refrigerator to keep it. If we were asked to go out, find a supplier for the milk and keep it, this would end up costing the client a lot of money and we don’t see anyone paying for that.



What about Stamping and Labeling?

Yes we provide both.   Please visit our Adding Value Page for more information.

Do you make Liquid Soap or Body Wash?

No, we recommend you take a look at Vermont Soap or Bulk Apothecary.  They can sell you a liquid soap base where you can add in colors and fragrance.

Do you do White Label or Private Label?

Yes, we do. We are the only soap company, that we know of, that will make soap the way you want it and not just what we have in stock. Give us call or send us an EMAIL so we can hear about your soap.



Can you make Custom Molds of Shapes?

We can, however the cost of the molds and soap are going to be rather high.  If you are stuck on a custom shapes soap, then I would look at .   There you can find all sorts of different shaped soaps.  Find one that is close and see what customized work the artisan can do for you.


What if I want something I don’t see here?

Give us a call at 484-469-7627 and lets talk.