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A few quick questions answered

  • Please no solicitations for services.  Every day we receive at least 5 calls or emails for transport, cartons, oils, ect.  And while we feel bad about the current position of the economy, we already have these services covered.

  • We DO NOT offer tours for 2 simple reasons, and 1 exception.  1. Our clients usually ask that we not share who is making their products and we respect that.  Some one walking around for a tour is going to be able to figure out who those clients are.  2. We make and have modified most of our equipment and our competitors would love to see it all.  There is one exception and that is if a client on their final approval requests a tour.  In that case, we would make an exception.  We’re selfish, forgive us.

  • The best way to get a hold of us is via form or email.  It takes a lot of effort to get every thing done everyday and on time.  The first call is typically not a short one as these products require a fair amount of detail.  The best thing to do is explain your product in as much detail as possible and lets set up a call.


Thank you for understanding