Adding Value

Adding value mean changing the appearance of your product in your customer’s eyes and may help convey a message of luxury & higher retail prices!


Do you want to know the easiest and most cost effective way to add value to your soap?  It’s stamping!  We can take most logos or designs and imprint them onto your soap.  All stamps are made in house and design services are available.  Please keep in mind that soap is not the best medium for complex designs.  We will need to look over your design to determine the next course of action.  There is a one-time fee of $35 to make the die and roughly $.25 per bar to stamp.  Design services will depend on the amount of work, if any, is needed.

Adding value is simple at Custom Soap Colorado

Packaging & Labeling

Besides the appearance of the soap in product shots.  Packing and labeling is how your product is going to stand out from the other products on the market. Possibilities are almost infinite.

Basic Digitally Printed Labels

4 options on material stock is available starting at 150 bars for retail orders and 500 bars on wholesale handmade soap orders.

Premium Digitally Printed Labels

Made with material stock including, Estate #9, White BOPP, Classic Crest and many more, start at 2500 total bars.  You can order several different designs and still receive the same price and availability.

Custom Boxes

Start at quantities of 2500 and for many people, the best way to go.  They pack easily into secondary boxes, provide some amount of buffer between the product and outside world and allow the soap to shrink without anyone knowing (Compared to shrink wrap)

Shrink Wrap

From the production side, shrink wrap is our least favorite and here’s why.  Soap is always shrinking, especially in the first few months.  This means we need to let the soap sit on our racks to dry for a few additional weeks AND once we put the shrink wrap on, the soap will have increasing more space inside the wrap as time goes on.  The 2 benefits to shrink wrap and why people request it is because of the potential hardness and full coverage.  Let’s say you are shipping to Amazon.  Shrink wrap and a label will keep your soap covered and some what protected during the process.

Wax Paper Bags

This is a simple and cost effective way to fully cover a bar of soap while adding value.  Add a custom label and perhaps some raffia or ribbon for color and contrast.

Adding value with packaging

Custom Rubber Stamp

WOWZER, WOWZER, WOWZER!  Need I say more?  Are you sold on this idea?  When it comes to adding value, rubber stamps might be ultimate secret weapon, not only because of the look and feel of the stamp, but the many colors and where you can stamp is unlimited.  Imagine a plain kraft paper box, orange label material and a red stamp OR a gold stamp on black wax paper.  Stamps do wear out over time while looking better with every use.  The cost to replace is less than $50


Colorado Cut

Soap is usually cut with either a knife or a taut wire, leaving all the bar faces looking the same and smooth.  The Colorado Cut, is a unique and time intensive way to cut the bars in such a way that no two bars look alike.  4 sides of the soap is cut, by hand, using a jagged and bent wire.  Think brand-new, worn jeans, that cost 3 times the price of a new pair with no imperfection.  This is a simple way of adding value to the appearance of your soap.  The rough face gives an old world feel and screams, “You’re going to pay more for this bar!”

Adding value to your handcrafted soap is the Colorado Cut

Soap on a Rope

This sounds some much better than, “Twine on Soap” or “Soap on a Cord”, right?  So how many bars, on the market, do you see with rope?  May be 0.5%?  Then this is probably the single most unique way for your soap to stand out!  Even better, there are many sizes, colors and textures of rope to be purchased.  Adding rope is adding value.

Two more points to take into consideration

  • The most re-pins we have received on Instagram come from Soap on a Rope images.
  • The highest priced, retail bar, we have manufactured included rope, and most of the added value items listed here, and was listed to sell for $20+.

Custom soap on a Rope can add value to your products
Adding Value February 23, 2017