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Private Label Custom Soap

Custom Soap

Handmade soap made just for you and your brand.  Combinations are almost infinite when you tell us what scent, dimensions, weight, colors and packaging you want.

Private Label Soap

Your brand is the most important identity your Company, Shop or Boutique can have.  Custom Soap Colorado understands this and will work just as hard to make your private label soap YOUR SOAP!

Bulk Soap & Loaves

Other soap companies sell pre-made bulk soap that has been on the shelves for who knows how long. Custom Soap Colorado only sells custom bulk soap and loaves, made to order, fresh for you.  Ordering Custom Bulk Soap from Custom Soap Colorado is easy!

Soap Manufacturer

Combinations are almost infinite.  You tell us about your custom soap and we use our skills and creativity to handcraft your product.

Guest Soap & Amenity Soap

Your B&B, Inn and Hotel are a special place.  Handmade soaps can be just the thing to help your guests feel right at home.

Wholesale Soap

Our affordable wholesale handmade soaps are available as private label and white label products, and we offer stress-free packaging options.

Private Label Shaving

Private Label Shaving Soap

A clean shave with your brand on it.  Plastic containers or pucks…labels and custom boxes, even the scent, oils and butters are your choice.

Private Label Beard & Shaving Products by Custom Soap Colorado

Scent, Adding Value to your Products and Test Batches


Scent is one of the most important factors in your private label product.  Learn about the difference between a fragrance oil and an essential oil and custom scent blends.

Adding Value to your Products

Want to make your product stand out?  Consider Stamping, Soap on a Rope or the Colorado Cut to give you the edge in a crowded market.

Test Batches

Try before you buy!  Get test batches of Soap, Shaving Soap, Beard Oil and Scent to make sure you’re on the right track and fix any issues before purchasing a full order.

Custom Soap Colorado January 26, 2023